Lost’s Buried Treasures: The Unofficial Guide to Everything Lost Fans Need to Know

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Table of Contents


Table of Contents

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1: Lost Reading and Viewing

Is There an (Ancestor) Text on This Island?

2: Lost Playlist

The Musical Castaways | Choosing the Right Song for the Scene | Channeling the Dead | Making the Band | Geronimo Jackson | DriveShaft | DriveShaft's and Charlie's Real-World Popularity | The Genius of Michael Giacchino | Soundtracks for Seasons One-Four | The Significance of an Effective Soundtrack

3: Between the Lines: Lost and Popular Culture

Why Is Popular Culture So Important? | The Hurley-Sawyer Connection | The Power of Popular Culture | Lost as Reflector and Creator of Popular Culture

4: Waking the Dead

The Meaning of Death | Season Six: The Zombie Season | Jacob | Apparitions | Messages from Beyond | Prophetic Dreams and Visions | Those Who Seek the Dead | Special or Insane?

5: Significance of Place

Home Towns and Special Places | Common Destinations | Hawaii as a Character | Around Honolulu | The Art of Selecting and Dressing Sets

6: Lost Questions without Answers

7: Behind the Scenes

Lost Actors | Lost Writers | Lost Directors

8: Top Tens

Ten Books/Essays to Read about Lost | Top Ten Television Series and Movies for Lost Fans | Top Ten Lost Websites | Top Ten Lost Episodes: Keepers and Those to Throw Back

Lost Episode Guide

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