Major Diploma

Reality explained.
It was the last nostalgia: that he
Should understand.
--Wallace Stevens, Esthétique du Mal
This is to certify that {Student's Name Here) An ephebe in ENGL 633-733, Major American Writers: Wallace Stevens  English Department, Middle Tennessee State University, Summer 1994  has attained fluency in Wallace Stevens.   Now a figure of capable imagination, able to endure major weather, to sing beyond the genius of the sea, feign with the strange unlike, escape the dump, muse the obscure, recognize pegnoirs, ride in glass coaches, burn actual candles with artifice, let be be finale of seem, behold nothing that is not there, wear sombreros,    He/She is hereby sent forth this 21st day of July 1994  to step barefoot into reality, there to discover (not to impose)  that supreme fiction that will give his|her life meaning.
--Dr. David Lavery Examiner