A Wallace Stevens Readers Guide


Developed by Dr. David Lavery,  English Department, MTSU,  and the students in the summer 2002 Wallace Stevens Seminar


A Wallace Stevens Readers Guide is a web resource devoted to the work of American poet Wallace Stevens (1879-1955). The WSRG is an encyclopedia of all things Stevens and includes (1) A Stevens Lexicon; (2) Stevens People / Personages / Personae: Real and Imagined; (3) Stevens Places: Real and Imagined; (4) A Stevens Dictionary; (5) A PDF version of Ronald Sukenick's Musing the Obscure

A Stevens Lexicon | Stevens People/Personages/Personae: Real and Imagined | Stevens Places: Real and Imagined | A Stevens Dictionary | Stevens' Foreign Words and Phrases | Ronald Sukenick's Wallace Stevens: Musing the Obscure

Eric Atkins | A. J. Brigati | Claude Crum | Katherine Haynes | Carrie O'Neal | Joanne Regensburg | Jean Rhodes | Karen Wright

Feigning with the Strange Unlike: A Wallace Stevens World Wide Websitee

Ronald Sukenick's Wallace Stevens, Musing the Obscure, a PDF version