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Owen Barfield: Man and Meaning


Produced by: G. B Tennyson (U.C.L.A.) & David Lavery (Middle Tennessee State University); Written by: G. B. Tennyson & David Lavery; Directed by: Ben Levin, University of North Texas; Videography by: Wayne Derrick

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In the Spring of 1992, G. B. Tennyson of U.C.L.A. was asked by the Fetzer Institute in Kalamazoo, Michigan about the possibility of making a film about Owen Barfield. Fetzer indicated its willingness to fund such an endeavor.

Prof. Tennyson approached David Lavery, then at Memphis State University, about the project. It so happened that David would be in London that summer teaching a course on British film. After some preliminary inquiries, it was learned that Ben Levin of the University of North Texas, a well-known and experienced documentary filmmaker would also be in London at the same time, and Ben was asked to direct the film. He agreed and sought the participation of the London-based videographer/filmmaker Wayne Derrick. The decision was made to use Betacam to tape an extensive interview with Barfield and do some location shooting in and around London.

In July 1992 we all assembled at the Walhatch in Forest Row, East Sussex to interview Owen Barfield over a three day period. Students in David's British film class served as crew for the shooting. Professor Tennyson served as the interviewer.

Over the next two years, Ben, Georg, and David met at the University of North Texas to edit the film. Again, the Fetzer Institute generously funded our work on the project.

The end result was a 45 minute videotape we call Owen Barfield Man and Meaning.