FOBs: Friends of Barfield

All the individuals on this list of FOBs might be considered "Barfieldians" in that they have shown admiration for Barfield's work. Though not all of them were acquaintances of Owen's, many did know him either through pilgrimages to the UK or as the result of his many visits to the United State after retirement from the law. Nota bene: most of the links below will take you to individual "Friends of Barfield" pages, but others lead to Encyclopedia Barfieldiana entries.

Dale Nelson | Howard Nemerov
Walker Percy | Paul Piehler | Ruth PitterAllen Pittman | Donna Potts | Robert Preyer
Kathleen Raine | Pat Ralston | R. J. Reilly | Mary Caroline Richards | Vincent RossiTheodore Roszak
Elmar Schenkel | Elizabeth Sewell | Jake Sherman | Douglas Sloan | Edward R. Smith | Danny Smitherman | Shirley Sugerman | Andrew Sullivan
Stephen L. Talbott | Richard Tarnas | G. B. Tennyson | Claire Thomas | William Irwin Thompson | J. R. R. Tolkien | Raymond P. Tripp, Jr.
John Ulreich
Grant Watson | Ronald C. Wendling | James Wetmore | Michael Winship
Arthur Zajonc | Robert Zimmer